Car Boot Sale Fun

Today we woke up at 6am (ugh) to go to a car boot sale.

After a quick drive to Rhyl (in North Wales), we set up the stall and started to sell. Mostly, I just stood around eating and drinking. However, I did have the most important job of being the banker. It’s slightly ironic considering my maths skills are practically none existent.



I wonder if America has car boot sales..? Aren’t they just flea markets? Why are they called flea markets? Hmmm…


New Camera

I am literally the luckiest, most spoilt girl in the world. My boyfriend decided to treat me to a new camera. (And that’s why my boyfriend is the best!).

It’s such a cute little camera and it’s perfect for what I wanted to use it for. Now I guess there shall be a lot more blog posts of my photography!


Colour Schemes

I have a slight new obsession with interior design. I’m going to blame all these TV shows such as Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free and 60 Minute Makeover.

My bedroom is in need of a major makeover. As I am not able to do anything without a lot of research beforehand, I have been looking up colour schemes for my bedroom. Oh my gosh, some of the colours schemes just look so perfect. You can find so many colour schemes (like the one above) on things such as Pinterest. I could spend hours looking through them and finding the perfect combination and mentally redesigning all the rooms in my house.

I love all pinks and greens and greys all put together. It looks so elegant and even a little bit vintage. I’m usually the type of girl who paints the walls white and uses other home accessories to add colour. Now I feel so inspired to do things a little differently. I no longer want boring white walls. I want walls that show personality.

Maybe I am meant to be an interior designer in my future..

3 Things I Want To Learn

1. How to play chess.

My boyfriend has possibly the most amazing chess set I have ever seen. It’s a DC chess set. All the pieces are superheroes. He has been trying to teach me how to play chess. He’s been playing it for a long time and is seriously good at it so he has to go easy on me. I’m not too bad for a learner though!

2. A new language.

During school I was made to learn basic Welsh and French but I was never fully interested. If I’m made to do something, I’m probably not going to do it. Now I regret that though. I’ve lived in Wales for most of my life and I can’t speak much Welsh. So that’s my new goal. I would love to be able to have a conversation with someone in Welsh.

3. How to cook.

I am such a terrible cook. I can bake a pretty damn awesome cake but when it comes to cooking a meal, I’m awful. I’m going to attempt to cook more often. Good luck to the people that have to eat it!

What’s Eleanor Reading?

If you want to know what I’m reading and my opinions you should check out my Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/eleaanormay).

I constantly update my Goodreads ‘Currently Reading’ shelf. I like updating people on how I feel about a book and how far I am into it.

I love to see all my read book on a shelf too. It makes me feel like I accomplished something.

So, feel free to check on my Goodreads!


Book Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Wonder is about a young boy named August Pullman. He is born with a facial deformity which prevented him from attending a mainstream school. Now that was about to change. August starts 5th grade at Breecher Prep and things are not east for him. If you’ve ever started a new school then you know how difficult it can be. Well it’s even harder for August. He has to face the battles of starting a new school as well as trying to make the other kids treat him like everyone else despite of his appearance.

After reading Wonder, I just wanted to hug the person next to make and make sure that they knew I love that. I wanted to tell everyone I knew how beautiful they were. Wonder is such a heartwarming, uplifting, humorous book that’s it’s definitely worth a read. After reading it, you’ll look at the world a little differently.

The book is primarily told from August’s perspective. However, it switches to a total of six voice all together. Usually I would not be too impressed by a book doing that and it would be slightly overwhelming, but R.J. Palacio did it perfectly. Each person offered more of an insight into August’s life which the reader would never had known just from August’s perspective.

By the end of the book, I was reduced to tears. Not just tears of sadness, but tears of happiness as well.

The book is so beautifully told that I will never be able to forget it. I want to make everyone I know read it. Everyone from children to adults, both genders, should read this book.

August’s story is one I will never forget and I want to thank R.J. Palacio for creating it.


A Trip To Conwy, Wales

On the 16th August, my wonderful boyfriend and I took a cute little trip to Conwy.

We took a lovely walk along the river to the main part of the festival. While walking we watch a staged helicopter rescue.


It was actually such a cool thing to watch. After it was over everyone clapped and cheered and it was so fun.

We then took a look around. There were lots of stalls selling things and trying to raise money for charities.

I then got to see the smallest house in Britain.


It is also known as the ‘Quay House’. It has a floor area of 3.05 by 1.8  metres (10.0 by 5.9 ft) and a height of 3.1 metres (10 feet 2 inches). It was used as a residence from the 16th century until 1900. The house was lived in by a 6ft 3″ man named Robert Jones. The rooms were too small for him to fully stand us so he had to move out. The council then declared it unfit to be lived in. (I don’t know if you cared about all that but I find it interesting).

We even got to see a sea shanty band which were pretty good.


I wouldn’t have thought I would have liked them but I really did. (Warning: More unneeded information time) A sea shanty is a type of work song which was sang to accompany labour aboard merchant sailing vessels. Shanties had a very practical purpose. The rhythm of the song served to synchronise the movements of the ship workers as they completed their tasks.

Overall, I had a lovely day in Conwy. I do love little trips out!