Autumn Goals

So I know I’m a couple of days late (college takes over my life so hardly any time to write) but it’s finally Autumn, my favourite time of year. The blankets and movies are out and I’m ready for the cold.

This Autumn I have decided to set myself some goals;

1. My first goal is to take sooooo many photographs. I’m so obsessed with taking pictures at the moment. Autumn is just the perfect photo taking time. All the leaves and trees are changing, making the cutest photographs.

2. I also want to keep up with college work. I’m not the most motivated person in the world, so I find it hard to keep up with work. This Autumn I plan to get completely ahead on work since the weather means a lot more staying inside.

3. My final goal is to read some new books. Nothing sounds more perfect than sitting in front of the fire with a book. I hardly have any time to read at the moment thanks to college so this Autumn, I plan to read a lot.

I’m so happy now that it’s Autumn. Can it stay like this forever please?!

My Little Timmy

Cat Company

Today I had the day off college (Thank you, Gods) so I spent the day home alone. Only, I wasn’t exactly alone because Timmy wouldn’t leave me alone. This isn’t a bad thing though.

I spent the day playing on the PlayStation 3 with Timmy cuddled on my knee and a cup of tea next to me. It was a pretty perfect day.

Deeside Dragons V Sheffield

My First Ice Hockey Game

So, I did the completely unexpected and went to an ice hockey game. Who would have thought it?!

I watched the Deeside Dragons V Sheffield Senators game. Deeside ended up loosing the game by two goals to one.

Apart from not understanding a single rule or even knowing the basics of the game, I really enjoyed it. By the end I managed to understand what was happening and I think it’s actually a good sport.

I spent most of the time telling my boyfriend which ice hockey player I thought was the cutest. I also worried a lot about how many ‘boo boos’ each player would have by the end.

I’m actually kinda excited for next Sunday to watch the next game. Deeside Dragons V Widnes Wild..

My Little Gizmo

Dog Walks In The Dark

I decided just before taking my little best friend, Gizmo on his evening walk that I would grab my camera and bring you all along too.

Gizmo and MatthewA spot of the moon

Super Sexy Highvis..

(Clearly my boyfriend looks super hot in his hi vis..)

Pretty Trees

Hand Holding and Doggy Love

My faves

My Favourite Human


(I don’t even know why Gizmo looks so scared)

Creepy sign

And then it got too dark to keep taking photos and the flash only made everything look slightly creepy and ghost like.